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Serially… illustrations

17 December 2013

We recently completed work on some illustrations and an animatic for the Kickstarter project “Serially…“. We were commissioned to develop a number of illustrations and an animatic for the start-up venture in order to visually represent the concepts offering. Therefore¬†presenting…

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Mechanism-of-Action (MoA) medical animation

08 November 2013

Again working with the award winning healthcare digital agency emotive, we created this mechanism-of-action (MoA) medical animation. With these types of animations, viewers can see for themselves how it interacts with the complex mechanisms of the body, providing a virtual…

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Ollie & Dog – Character development and animation

08 November 2013

Working with the award winning healthcare digital agency emotive,¬†we sought to develop a character based animation to facilitate the learning of how to use the Saizen Easypod device. We developed 8 individual elements including the menu screen using engaging characters…

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Storyboarding – Your Friend In Animation

09 October 2013

In both film and animation production, there are several stages of development which contribute to producing a high-end quality product. Right at beginning of this process, before a single frame of animation is produced, there should be the storyboarding stage….

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Laika set to deliver another treat!

29 July 2013

Back in February, Laika announced a new feature film in their pipeline called ‘The Boxtrolls‘. Now firmly in the grasps of production, this is their third project working with Focus Features (their latest being the award-nominated ParaNorman). Here at Sliced…

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Animation – how much?

18 July 2013

Its a question we get asked quite a lot, especially as animation can often be perceived to be the most expensive part of the video production process – a room full of animators slaving away over lightboxes? That’s got to…

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The User Experience

01 July 2013

Here at Sliced Bread, we find it always helps to look back over projects and see what could be improved on, as well as expand on areas which have worked well for us. With regards to creating apps, that development…

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