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5 learnings from working on an Oculus Rift virtual reality project

11 August 2015

We have worked on a number of Oculus Rift projects, with Sliced Bread Animation’s main role being the creation of 3D models, animation and lighting using Maya and Unity. One of those projects, Diabetes Voyager, allowed the user to travel…

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Microlearning – how some companies are boosting productivity by 50%

03 June 2015

90 percent of new skills are lost within a year. (The Wall Street Journal, 2012, http://on.wsj.com/1CxvbqF) With Millennials starting to make up the majority of new learners in corporations, companies are having to adjust the way they deliver information and…

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HCL – DSI Animated Explainer

22 March 2015

A three minute explainer animation to highlight issues faced by large organisations during the digital transformation process, the film compares those organisations ‘born digital’ (Amazon, Netflix etc). It then explains HCL’s layered approach to resolving issues faced during transformation, through its product ‘Digital System…

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Intern blog: Internship Reflection

22 March 2015

Looking back at the past few weeks, I believe that I’ve learnt quite a lot. The whole experience is made up of two parts, a practical experience and an observational one. The former coming from the actual work that I’ve…

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Intern blog: Animation Analysis

21 March 2015

Majda Al Maskat on a three month placemnt here at Sliced Bread gives her view on “What is it that really makes an animation attractive?” I believe that a good animation could be dependent on so many different things that…

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Intern blog: Week 8

20 March 2015

Fortunately for me, a lot of different live projects have been worked on during the last two weeks which means I’ve got the opportunity to experience what it’s really like behind the scenes. I’ve had a chance to properly look…

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Intern blog: Week 7

19 March 2015

After finalizing all my test animations and making sure that they all looked right and were timed correctly, it was time to put them together. This was the most exciting part for me and the part that I was eagerly…

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Intern Blog: Week 6

18 March 2015

With the attention going back to my animation project, this week’s main focus was around creating test animations. I had to test out all the different movements involved in my animation to find out what works best. In my brief…

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